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Why Does Hearing Loss Increase Falling Risk?

Protect Your Hearing & Balance

If you have hearing loss, your main concern may be that you will no longer be able to have conversations with your loved ones. However, the ears are involved in more than just hearing—they are also responsible for maintaining balance. Anything that affects hearing can also impact balance and stability while walking.

The Inner Ear & Balance

In addition to the cochlea (which allows you to hear), your inner ear contains a sensory system comprised of fluid-filled canals that sense when you move. This intricate system, called the vestibular system, contributes to your sense of balance and helps you stay upright while moving.

When you lose your hearing, you lose awareness of the world around you and vestibular function. This combination makes it hard to understand your position in space, which increases your risk of falling.

You may also experience dizziness and vertigo, further increasing your risk of a fall. A knowledgeable audiology practice will address your hearing loss as a communication barrier as well as a risk factor for falling.

Treatment to Prevent Future Health Problems

A serious fall impairs mobility, leads to loss of independence, and decreases your quality of life. By having a specialist treat your hearing loss early, you can stop its progression and decrease your risk of falling. Catching and treating hearing loss early can preserve your health and independence.

If you have symptoms of hearing loss, such as tinnitus (ringing in your ears) or asking others to speak louder, it’s critical to visit a hearing specialist for a hearing test as soon as possible.

The Best Specialist to Restore Your Hearing Health

Restoring your hearing health can also restore your balance. Help reduce your risk of falling by contacting an Excellence In Audiology™ hearing specialist for treatment today.

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