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What Is the Medical Approach to Hearing Loss?

The Brain’s Role in Hearing Loss

The medical approach to hearing loss factors in the ear-to-brain connection, and the auditory cortex (the part of the brain that handles sound) has reduced function. With less activity in this area, the brain has difficulty filtering background noise and it becomes harder to understand what you are hearing. An Excellence in Audiology(™) certified specialist can improve your ability to hear in noise, when multiple people are speaking, and when engaging in your favorite activities.

Diagnosing Hearing Loss

Before beginning treatment, a specialist must perform a hearing and cognitive evaluation. They will assess your stage of hearing loss, from Stage 1 to Stage 4 similar to other medical conditions, and determine if you have tinnitus (ringing in the ears), which can be frustrating and limiting to your ability to socialize and interact.

Available Treatments

Approaching hearing loss medically means restoring the neural connection between the ears and the brain.  New hearing treatments, which are FDA-approved, can do just this. These devices are customized to your unique symptoms, stage of hearing loss, and will provide the property stimulation to the auditory system improving your hearing, your life, and reducing your risk of cognitive decline and Dementia.

Learn More About the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss in the Video Below

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