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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive Hearing & Tinnitus Treatment Includes Patient Education

Part of providing comprehensive hearing and tinnitus treatment includes proper patient education. Our specialists often receive questions from patients looking to improve their hearing. We've listed some of our most commonly asked questions here for you to peruse while you wait for your appointment.

Will I be able to afford treatment?

Why is early treatment so important?

Is it really such a big deal if I do not treat my hearing loss?

How do I get started with treatment?

Why are follow-up visits so important?

Why should I choose a specialist to treat my hearing loss?

Why should I address tinnitus?

Why are traditional hearing aids still sold?

Where should I start to look for treatment if I'm concerned about my hearing loss?

Who are some familiar faces who have treated their hearing loss?

What is a treatment coordinator?

I'm a snowbird and want to know what happens if I'm not at home for several months per year

In addition to treating my hearing loss, what else can I do to keep my mind and body healthy?

Is the medical treatment of hearing loss or tinnitus appropriate in my 30's or 40's?

How do I know if my specialist is an Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist?

Do I have to worry about moisture or sweating hurting my technology?

Can I wear a mask while wearing my hearing technology?

Is so-called "Invisible Technology" effective?

How will treatment impact my brain?

How much work or family time will I miss because of treatment?

Is treating my hearing loss and tinnitus painful?

What are the "Side Effects" of untreated tinnitus?

What are some of the warning signs that I might have early-stage hearing loss?

What are the primary benefits of treatment?

What if I do not believe in treating my hearing loss?

What if I have a "Hearing Emergency" before or after hours?

What is tinnitus?

What makes a hearing healthcare specialist more qualified than a PCP or an ENT?

What are some of my payment options in addition to insurance?

Am I too old to start treatment?

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Dr Darrow is a wealth of knowledge in his field. He is patient, considerate and kind. Takes as much time with the patient as is needed. I have recommended him to several of my friends. — Cheryl W.
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