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What Is the Medical Treatment of Tinnitus?

Our Specialists Can Help Stop the Ringing in Your Ears

Tinnitus is a common condition that can cause you to hear a ringing, rushing, or buzzing in your ears. Tinnitus is present in approximately 75% of all people with some form of hearing loss. While it will not cause you to lose your hearing, tinnitus is a leading indicator of hearing loss – even mild hearing loss. Symptoms are different for each person and can affect your daily activities and quality of life.

Diagnosing and treating tinnitus is a complex process. While most people are told there is nothing that can be done about it, our team of hearing and tinnitus treatment specialists at Excellence In Audiology™ can help to reduce tinnitus.

NeuroTechnology™ - Scientifically Proven to Reduce Tinnitus

The most effective form of direct treatment is NeuroTechnology™ and is both FDA-approved and effective in nearly 80% of patients. In fact, recent reports that investigated the impact of tinnitus treatment on sleep, concentration, work, and when hearing others in a conversation, have all noted dramatic reductions in the impact of tinnitus on everyday life.

Although a limited number of people with tinnitus do not have documented hearing loss, NeuroTechnology™ is also designed to help these people. Many studies show that patients who use tinnitus support technology note a significant reduction in their daily tinnitus experience – with some even reporting that the ringing is gone all day.

Re-Stimulate the Nerve From Ear-to-Brain

Patients who choose medical treatment often live confident and independent lives, free from frustrating ringing, swooshing, or buzzing in their ears. Our most successful patients chose our recommended treatment process to restore the sound activity to the auditory system. In doing so, the sounds provided by our treatment process can work to retrain the auditory system to properly identify sounds and suppress the mistaken increase in neural activity. When done properly, patients living with tinnitus have an 80%+ chance of living with reduced, and often eliminated, tinnitus perception.

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