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Excellence In Audiology™ was established to help bring together patients’ (and their family and loved ones) with the highest level of hearing health care providers in their communities. Our providers must go through a rigorous process to be accredited by Excellence In Audiology™, to assure that patient care is paramount.

As you being your search for the right hearing health care provider, Excellence In Audiology™ wants to be there to help you on your journey of enhanced hearing, and enriched living. There are many factors for you and your loved ones to consider – both medical and non-medical. On this page, we highlight some of the qualities that you will find in your local Excellence In Audiology™ hearing health care provider.


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When it comes to you or your loved one’s health, you should absolutely seek out a hearing health care provider with the experience to diagnose your hearing loss correctly, address your particular needs, and recommend the proper course of treatment.

Some of the questions you can ask your potential Hearing Health Care Provider include:

  • How long has he or she been actively practicing Audiology?
  • How many patients has the Hearing Health Care Provider treated throughout his or her career?
  • Do the Hearing Health Care Providers and staff take continuing education classes to stay up-to-state with modern technology and techniques?
  • How many patients has the Hearing Health Care Provider treated with a case similar to yours? For example, if you are considering invisible Neurotechnology™, how many patients are treated with these devices?
  • Has the Hearing Health Care Provider won any recent awards to recognize his or her achievements in the field?


Certification through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) isn’t a requirement, but those Hearing Health Care Providers who pursue it show their dedication to and interest in their chosen field. When you select a certified Hearing Health Care Provider for your treatment, you can be sure of a commitment to your care. Hearing Health Care Providers who hold this certification keep abreast of changes in science and technology through required continuing education. This is one way you can guarantee that your Hearing Health Care Provider is applying the latest information in the field to your treatment plan.


It’s amazing how quickly the technology can change in our field of Audiology. If you find a Hearing Health Care Provider who takes the time to research and use state-of-the-art technology to treat your hearing loss needs, then you have also found a Hearing Health Care Provider who cares about his or her patients receiving the best possible care. You should seek out a Hearing Health Care Provider who at least takes the time to review and consider newer technology before deciding upon more traditional methods.


Your hearing is unique to you, and your Hearing Health Care Provider should take the same approach to your treatment plan. There is not a single approach that fits every patient. Your Hearing Health Care Provider should be a partner in your care, consulting with you and evaluating your needs at every step, beginning at your first visit to the office.

When you meet with your potential Hearing Health Care Provider, pay attention to the amount of time he or she sets aside to answer your questions and concerns thoughtfully. Also note the questions that the Hearing Health Care Provider asks about you! A Hearing Health Care Provider who takes the time to get to know you is far more likely to design a treatment path for your individual needs. In addition, your Hearing Health Care Provider should take the time to educate you on your hearing loss treatment options and allow you to have a say in the treatment path you ultimately choose. This is how a true consultative approach works.


comfort-convenienceYour chosen Audiology practice should feel inviting from your very first visit. Who you choose to provide your hearing health care is a big decision, and so you should feel comfortable and informed. The staff should be open to your questions and willing to address any concerns you have about your treatment plan or progress. You should expect nothing less from a qualified, caring hearing health care practice.

In addition, look for a Hearing Health Care Provider office that understands your time is valuable. Ideally, an Audiology practice should offer care with little to no time stuck in the waiting room. Your appointment time should be just that – YOUR time. Choose a Hearing Health Care Provider who will be respectful of your schedule, who won’t double book over you or rush you through your appointment in order to get to the next patient. In addition, look for treatment planning that is designed to reduce the total amount of time you’ll need to be under the doctor’s care. The Hearing Health Care Provider should be respectful of your time at every step of the way so that you can spend more time experiencing the clarity of sounds out in your world!


same-day-appointmentsPay attention to the amount of time you must wait before your initial consultation with an Hearing Health Care Provider occurs. With starting treatment, many providers will place you on a waiting list for the first available appointment, and that means your treatment could start weeks or even months after your initial visit. If it takes that long to be seen for your initial consult, then how long will you need to wait if an emergency ever arises with your treatment?

During the course of hearing loss treatment, it is not uncommon for technology to be mis-used or even appear to stop working. If the situation were to arise where you were left without your restored hearing, there needs to be a remedy made available as soon as possible to keep you on track with your treatment. Your Hearing Health Care Provider should make your treatment a priority and be able to offer same-day or at least next-day appointments to address your discomfort.


Many Audiology offices follow the same “normal” business hours schedule that conflicts with work and school time. This means you have to take time off from work or take your child out of school for treatment. Neither of these is convenient or ideal.

Your Hearing Health Care Provider should offer flexible hours that include early morning or after school appointments. Some practices even have Saturday availability to accommodate the needs of their patients. You should select a practice that can work with your schedule and that offers times to accommodate your busy calendar.


reviewsAn experienced Hearing Health Care Provider will have a solid reputation grounded in reviews and testimonials from satisfied patients. A quick internet search will give you a good idea about how current and former patients feel about the practice, their treatment, and the outcome. Your Hearing Health Care Provider should have many 5-star ratings from people who are pleased with their new ‘ears’.


satisfaction-guaranteeAs a patient, you should benefit from your Hearing Health Care Provider’s expertise and experience, but your providers dedication to your final outcome also matters significantly. Neurotechnology™ to treat your hearing loss is an investment, so you need a Hearing Health Care Provider who truly wants to restore your hearing to its full potential. One way to identify the degree to which your provider cares about your outcome is to ask if there are any treatment guarantees. For example, many of the Hearing Health Care Providers we have selected for our database back up their patients’ treatments with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your Hearing Health Care Provider should stand behind your treatment and be available to you for any questions or concerns that may arise in the future.!


Hearing loss treatment can be a significant investment, especially for patients without any insurance coverage. When choosing an Hearing Health Care Provider for yourself of a loved one, look for a doctor who will help you obtain treatment that fits your budgeting needs without forcing you to sacrifice on the quality of your care.

Here are a few of the potential ways that an office may be able to help you afford hearing loss treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions before you schedule your first visit!

  • Do they offer free initial consultations?
  • If you have insurance, are they an in-network provider for you?
  • If they are out of network for your insurance, will they still file the paperwork for you?
  • Do they offer family discounts when multiple members of the same household need hearing loss treatments?
  • Do they offer no- or low-interest payment plans?
  • If you have a flex spending account with your employer, will they accept these payments?
  • Are supplies (i.e. batteries, domes, wax filters) included with the cost of your treatment?
  • Do they offer a military discount?

Click the “Download” button below for a

FREE report by Harvard Trained Neuroscientist Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD



  • In order to understand conversation I now have hearing aids that profoundly enable me to hear, where before I couldn't. Don't wait, if you can't understand people get a set of hearing aids. you'll be glad you did!

    Evan W.
  • Dr Darrow is a wealth of knowledge in his field. He is patient, considerate and kind. Takes as much time with the patient as is needed. I have recommended him to several of my friends.

    Cheryl W.
  • Excellent overall experience...very high level of technical competence and a clear commitment to patient satisfaction. I highly recommend these people for solutions to hearing issues.

    Bob D.
  • Excellent practitioners, knowledgeable provider who are on top of their field I appreciated their professional manner and speed, and everyone seems like they knew what they were doing. I drive rather far to see them and it is well worth it. I feel well cared for and valued as a person. Highly, highly recommend.

    Nady G.
  • Unbelievable service! Friendly, personal, flexible, thoughtful.....if there were more adjectives, I would use them. I would come back here anytime. The people here are like family. They went above and beyond to get me my hearing aids--after some red tape--and then moved the earth to get me the best hearing aids. They are wonderful!

    Diane P.
  • I am a retired Chief of Police, and have been wearing hearing aids for over 16 years.The new hearing aids I received from this place was a life changing event. For the first time in YEARS I have been able to drive my car and listen to the radio, even with the window open...

    David G.
  • Highly professional and passionate about hearing health care!

    Kerr B.