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Finally – an FDA Approved Treatment For Tinnitus. You Can Be Saved From The Constant Ringing, Buzzing, and Irritation.

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Here is some straight talk about Tinnitus, Your Ears, and the Brain. At Last, You will know about this pesky problem.

Tinnitus is defined as a sensation of sound in your ears, sometimes in your head. Each person with

Tinnitus has a different sound experience; for many it is described as a ‘ringing,’ ‘buzzing,’ or ‘clicking.’  Tinnitus is experienced by almost 80% of people with hearing loss. Some people only notice their Tinnitus in a quiet room, whereas many others experience the sound all day long – and it can interfere with daily life.

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In some people the sound can cause depression, anxiety or interferes with concentration. Tinnitus is often the result of a ‘Central Gain’ in neural activity that occurs in the brain when there is a loss of proper neural stimulation from the ear. More simply – because the brain is not properly stimulated in individuals with hearing loss (even a mild hearing loss), the brain will increase activity to make up for the missing stimulation.

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There is no pill, no surgery, no other available option approved to treat Tinnitus. Newly available neurotechnology is for people with hearing loss and with normal hearing. Studies show that patients

who use these tinnitus support devices report a significant reduction in their daily Tinnitus experience – some even say the ‘ringing is gone during the day’.


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