Ensuring Reliable Care: The Quest for Guaranteed Treatment

Healthcare is notorious for having no guarantees. Nearly every one of us knows that medical care can go horribly wrong. Guarantees are controversial in all kinds of healthcare including audiology. Many of our colleagues are upset by the very idea of the word guarantee. One even huffed-and-puffed saying, “what do you think you’re doing with this guaranteed nonsense? We are not operating a car shop, installing mufflers, and guaranteeing them for five thousand miles. We are doctors!” (Feel free to conjure up an image of some stuffy doctor banging his fists on the table—that is close to what happened!)

His doctor ego was mightily offended. But we doubt you will be with the challenge of deciding who should be your family’s trusted hearing healthcare specialist. So, yes, we think there should be a guarantee! In fact, many guarantees!

  1. If you are not satisfied with your treatment or patient experience, our team of specialists will make it right, guaranteed.
  2. The quality of the hearing and tinnitus treatment itself is guaranteed for life.
    • If ever the proper treatment originally achieved somehow begins to fail, we will welcome you back and do everything we can to correct the problem and get you hearing your absolute best. With that said, we cannot ignore the progression of the disorder and must account for these changes in your auditory system and adjust prognosis accordingly.
  3. You also have a safety in numbers guarantee.
    • The diagnostic and prescriptive methods and state-of- the-art technology we use have been used by top hearing healthcare specialists nationwide to treat more than one million patients successfully.
  4. You also have our guarantee that every hearing healthcare specialist and treatment specialist at our offices has been not only academically educated but also thoroughly trained.
    • They all follow the same proven method to diagnose needs, plan the best and personalized treatments for every patient, and manage for the best results from day one through after care. There is nobody “learning on the job” at our practices—ever! All patient care is supervised and reviewed. We also invest in frequent state-of-the-art clinical continuing education for our team exceeding all state licensing requirements. Above and beyond.
  5. You also have our guarantee of exceptional courtesy and customer service.
    • Yes, you are our patient, but we can be honest about this— our practices are not just healthcare providers, they are businesses. As such, they have, in our opinion, a responsibility to you, as the patient, to always tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, prescribing in the patient’s best interest and delivering the best possible treatment and outcomes.

There is also a second, separate set of responsibilities to you as a customer, including access, convenience, responsiveness, and “red carpet service.”

We include the above five guarantees in your treatment program.

So, let’s start here: We can guarantee you the best, most thorough audiology exam and treatment plan at your local Excellence In Audiology™ member-clinic, and we encourage you to come in for it now!

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Dr Darrow is a wealth of knowledge in his field. He is patient, considerate and kind. Takes as much time with the patient as is needed. I have recommended him to several of my friends. — Cheryl W.
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